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Kristin Neff Phd 2011 on Self-Compassion

Kristin Neff

Photograph of the Interviewee

Kristin Neff PhD

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On Wednesday June 29th I met Dr Kristin Neff to chat with about her book Self Compassion. She looks very much like a young Ali Magraw from 'Love Story' and is very down to earth in what she had to say about being compassionate to one's self.

We discovered that we had much in common - especially in that we both have autistic children - her's is Rowan now 10 who featured in the book The Horse Boy and mine is Naomi 39 who lives in an adult autism specific residential home.

Kristine was a joy to meet and imparts much good advice on how not to beat yourself and be Self Compassionate in this interview.


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