ITIL 4 Foundation books

ITIL 4 Foundation books

The question often arises – what is ITSM / ITIL, many of my friends perceive these terms as almost the same, I decided to put everything on the shelves and tell what ITSM is and how it relates to ITIL.

What is ITSM

What is ITSM? Literally, Information Technology Service Management is an approach to managing information technology services. Often we hear this definition in conjunction with ITIL.

In this article, we will analyze how the ITIL library and the ITSM approach correlate basing on the website.

From the moment information technologies appeared, the question of their continuity, availability, speed, ease of use and much, much more has arisen.

Early IT departments worked on a whim, made mistakes, and learned how to properly maintain equipment so that it didn't break down and last longer, delivering the expected service to businesses and customers. Then, of course, they didn't talk about it that way. Then they spoke in terms – a working device, a broken device, the fact that with the help of it a client or business receives a service came much later.

Over time, IT managers began to understand that what a client or business owner needs is not working machines, but the value that they receive through the use of these tools.

IT departments have long been seen as support and service, but in recent years the role of IT has been changing and growing. IT begins to become partners on an equal footing with business and jointly move the company towards achieving goals by helping to develop, maintain and manage services.

ITSM approach vs ITIL library

ITSM is an approach to managing IT as a set of services, the so-called service approach. Its essence lies in the fact that all IT activities are considered as a set of services provided to other departments or customers in accordance with a given level, which is defined in a service level agreement (so-called SLA). ITSM is about collaboration between business and IT. The need for an ITSM approach arose when IT departments realized that they wanted to be a full partner of the business, for this it was necessary to step out of the role of a supporting department. ITSM focuses on the customer, the business and their needs, and the services provided by IT.

More than 10,000 requests are made to the Internet every month with requests on the topic “what is ITSM”. This means that until now this topic does not lose its relevance and is in demand. And it's great that there are now so many methodologies, practices and standards that help IT professionals and managers choose their own path for developing an IT service.

The main goal of ITSM is to increase business efficiency and, as a result, increase profits and other significant indicators of the company.