Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work…And What Does

Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work...And What Does


I am a fan of cutting-edge leadership. Over thirty years ago, we introduced Situational Leadership II (SLII), which rev- olutionized the way managers lead. In this book, Susan Fowler introduces the Spectrum of Motivation, a model that will revolutionize the way leaders think about motivation and evolve their leadership.

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220 pages, published in 2014

“I encourage leaders to read this book—but with a warning. They may get more than they expect. I learned as much about my own motiva- tion as I did about the motivation of those I lead.”

—M. Paula Daoust, PhD, Director, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas

“If you believe, as I do, that people are learners who long to grow, en- joy their work, be productive, make positive contributions, and build lasting relationships, then you must read this book. Susan presents tools you can use to create a company sure to unleash everyone’s full potential.”

—Dick Lyles, CEO, Origin Entertainment

“We all want help to motivate the people we lead, to help them de- velop and grow in a productive working environment. Susan Fowler’s technique shows you the right approach, leading to both the best performance and employee commitment.”

—Agnes Jeanbart, Facilities Manager, Gulf, Unilever

“If you read only one book this year, read this one!”

—Robert L. Lorber, PhD, President, The Lorber Kamai Consulting Group

“Susan reveals that the recipe for motivation does not consist of car- rots and sticks. Her formula has helped me lead my patients, my employees, and myself in the joyful pursuit of healthier outcomes. I would prescribe her book to everyone!”

—Laura Lee Copeland, MD, MBA, FACEP, emergency physician and Director of Medical Informatics, Humber River Hospital, Toronto, Canada

“One of the greatest opportunities for leaders is to help their people create meaning. Susan’s book shows us how.”

—Mine Sadiç, EEMEA Training Development Manager, Roche, Istanbul, Turkey

“Ever wonder what makes your consumers, clients, business partners, and employees keep coming back? Susan opens your eyes to why they do and how you can make the choice to return easy.”

—Tom Porter, Director, HR and Administration, Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA

“This book helps leaders reflect on what keeps them going and help others feel comfortable doing the same. It is critical to make what Susan writes in her book into a habit.”

—Marios Loucaides, CEO, Cyprus Trading Corporation Plc, Nicosia, Cyprus

“No motivational buttons, no inspiring speeches, no carrots, and no sticks; instead, Susan proposes developing a greater awareness of ourselves, practicing mindfulness, and learning to align values and purpose. We should listen instead of talking and search for the right questions instead of the right answers.”

—Marius Tanase, Executive Director, Farmexpert

“Some ideas are way ahead of their time; Optimal Motivation is one of them and will shock you out of old methods of motivating people. It is the most revolutionary theory of motivation in decades.”

—Andrei Foisor, Country Manager, Roche Diabetes Care, Romania

“Susan’s book is provocative and pragmatic at the same time. She has successfully tapped into a longing I have had as a leader: how can I help people do what I think they naturally want to do—grow, develop, and fulfill their potential? Susan’s propositions are surefire and easy to put into action.”

—Dr. Santrupt B. Misra, CEO, Carbon Black Business, and Director, Group Human Resources, Aditya Birla Group

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